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Anabol, also commonly known under the brand name – Metanabol, Dianabol or Dbol for short, is quite a popular anabolic steroid. Particularly amongst the bodybuilding community because of the fact that it has the ability to greatly improve the process of protein synthesis.

The forms in which it is most widely available in include the liquid form where users have to inject it or the more popular form of a tablet where users take it orally. This anabolic steroid also has some great effects on the calcium deposits in your bones as well as helping to balance out the amount of nitrogen in your body.

D-bol is very similar to the 17-alpha methyl testosterone chemical which means it has the properties to give users the ability to improve their strength gains as well as increasing their muscle mass. Many users have said that Anabol is a very reliable steroid as the results that they have seen from it have been very consistent.

The results that you can expect to see from this powerful anabolic steroid can be seen within quite a short amount of time from taking it, for the first six weeks of your cycle, it would be normal to notice that you have gained between 2-4lbs per week, most of this weight should be muscle mass as well as water retention. Anabol is also used for medical reasons, specifically for treating people who have illnesses that affect their strength because of its strong anabolic properties.

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However, because of the fact that it can cause water retention, the majority of bodybuilders tend to stay away for Anabol during the lead up to their competition as the water retention could affect their ability to get into a certain weight class.

It can even have a negative effect on their physique is they are trying to get to a low body fat and look shredded, the water retention may make them look smoother in places where they may have wanted to look leaner. Although, for some of the more advanced bodybuilders, they can get around these water retention affects by taking things like Proviron or Nolvadex which means that they are able to take anabol shortly before their show date.

Anabol Tablets Dosage

The way in which Anabol is used varies quite a lot depending on each individual’s goals. A powerlifter is very likely to be taking completely different dosages compared to a bodybuilder because of the fact that they are taking the steroid for separate reasons, a powerlifter is more concerned with their strength gains rather than how they look in terms of muscle mass. Whereas a bodybuilder is primarily concerned with the amount of muscle mass that they can add to their frame and the strength comes as a secondary kind of goal. The dosage measurements can vary from anywhere between 15 to 40mg per day and these amounts can be altered depending on the user’s personal preference.

If you are completely new to taking steroids, when it comes to anabol, you can be sure to see some fantastic results with a low dose of between 15-20mg of it per day for the cycle duration length, which is between eight and ten weeks. With this anabolic steroid, if you start noticing that your results are starting to fade when you are on your maximum dosage, do not just increase the dosage because this will not lead to you seeing more results. What you can do to improve your results for a longer period of time is to stack d-bol with other anabolic steroids, an example of a steroid that you can stack with Anabol is Deca.

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Anabol is in the category 17aa which means that the best times to take it are when you are going to eat so that you can avoid having any problems concerning your stomach. Anabol contains some androgenic properties which mean that if females were to use this anabolic steroid, they may gain some masculine characteristics.

Although, there are some successful female bodybuilders who use anabol and they only need around 10-20mg of it per day as their bodies are generally more sensitive to anabolic steroids. But if you are a woman and you want to completely avoid any of the side effects, I would recommend not taking any more than 10mg each day so that the androgens do not have a chance to take effect and start to give you masculine traits.

Anabol tablets and any other form of D-bol can give you a number of side effects. However, if you do not take any more than 20mg per day as a male, it is very unlikely that you would be at risk of having to experience any of the unpleasant side effects associated with this anabolic steroid. Anabol has the potential to cause damage to your liver if you have been taking over the recommended dosage and exceeding the cycle length for a period of time. You should also be aware that even low dosages can have an effect on your liver, just as little as 10mg a day can cause some damage to the liver, however with such low doses, you can give your liver a chance to be able to go back to normal if you discontinue using Anabol.

I cannot condone the use of anabolic steroids and I urge you to do your research before using steroids so that you can have the ability to keep safe whilst on your cycles.

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